Boil water advisory affects nearly 10,000 Greer residents: How long will it last?

Nina Tran
Greenville News

The Greer Commission of Public Works is advising approximately 9,900 residents to boil their water May 30 before using it.

The boil water advisory was issued for precautionary measure due to Wednesday morning's 20-inch water transmission line break near S.C. 14 and Chandler Road in Greer, said a CPW press release.

“We are working to restore water completely, but as a precaution, we are issuing a boil water advisory for our customers in those areas,” said Stephen Kennette, CPW’s water filter plant manager. “If you had low or no pressure, you should boil your water until sampling comes back to confirm water is safe to drink."

On Wednesday night, May 29, the CPW announced repairs were finalized. Water pressure and service should be restored. Impacted customers are still urged to continue boiling water until further notice.

What areas are affected? And how long should water be boiled before consuming? Here's what to know.

What areas are affected?

The CPW stated customers in the following areas should boil their water: the Wade Hampton Boulevard radius from Tryon Street to S.C. 80 to S.C. 290/Duncan and near Greer Golf. A section of the highway between Country Club Road and Wade Hampton Boulevard remains closed following the water break. S.C. 14 remains partially closed during resurfacing. For the next two days, drivers should avoid these areas, said the CPW.

How long is the boil water advisory in effect?

The boiling water advisory will remain in effect until the drinking water is tested by the CPW to ensure there is no harmful bacteria present. Results will become available 24 hours after repairs are made and lines are flushed. Customers will be notified of the advisory being lifted by phone, the CPW website, and social media.

Use safe water

Low pressure events such as the main water break may allow bacteria in groundwater and soil to enter water pipes through cracks or leaks. The Centers for Disease Control recommends doing the following to prevent illness from contaminated water:

∎ Do not consume, wash dishes, brush your teeth, wash and prepare food, wash your hands, make ice, or make baby formula with water you suspect is harmful.

∎ Use bottled water, boiled, or treated water for cooking, drinking, and personal hygiene.

∎ Follow state, local, or tribal health department recommendations for boiling or treating water in your area.

∎ Do not use water from boilers or radiators that are part of your home heating system.

∎ There are places inside and outside of your home where you may find other safe sources of water to use.

How long should I boil my water?

Water should be boiled for one minute before cooking or drinking, according to the CPW.

During a water boil advisory, residents should boil water fir at least one minute before using.

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