Timmons has proven record in Congress

Hilary Ranieri
Former deputy chief of staff for U.S. Rep. William Timmons

On June 11, Republicans have a responsibility to nominate the best candidate to represent Greenville-Spartanburg in the U.S. House. One candidate in the primary has earned your support: Congressman William Timmons. I say this as someone who has personally known both candidates for years.

I was born and raised in Greenville. Adam Morgan and I were classmates at Bob Jones Academy, where we were teammates on the speech and debate team. Since graduating from BJU, I have spent most of my career working for members of the South Carolina delegation in D.C. — most recently as Timmons' deputy chief of staff. Seeing him in action, I can confidently say he is a reliable leader and a tireless advocate for the Upstate, with the record to prove it. 

Congressman Timmons has a strong record of reducing government waste and strengthening border security in the U.S. House, while Morgan has missed over 400 votes throughout his time in the State House.

Timmons is already doing the job well, as demonstrated by his ability to pass bills into law despite a divided Congress, and he's earned former president Trump's endorsement. 

Despite what Morgan says, Timmons has repeatedly voted against DEI measures. As for allegations of tax dollar misappropriation, they reflect a clear misunderstanding of the rules of the House. Office-funded media are standard practice to provide constituents with access and information.

On June 11, I urge voters to see beyond unsubstantiated promises and grandstanding and support the proven leader, Congressman William Timmons.

Hilary Ranieri

The writer served as Congressman William Timmons' deputy chief of staff.